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We are building an effective way for Occupational Health providers to network, generate new business and up-skill their teams.

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Having spent the past 15 years working in various occupational health roles and businesses, our founder Danny Clarke’s frustrations with the industry peaked and he decided something needed to change.

Industry memberships that deliver very little, misspent marketing efforts, countless days searching for associates and prospecting the ‘wrong’ clients, and thousands spent on poor quality training. Growing a business in this industry is painful!

The solution. We’re building it…


Sign up to one of our free webinars. We have upcoming sessions with our founder and a range of industry experts covering various occupational health and safety subjects.


Simply People Business Development


Sick of spending days and £££ on ‘lead generation’ tactics that deliver little results? We promise to only deliver high quality, qualified leads that are relevant to you and your business. Taking the time and hassle out of growing your customer base.

Occupational Health Community


We’ve helped our members to support each other and find business partners, employees, suppliers, lawyers (don’t ask!), clients and more – the power of our community is real! If there’s something you’re struggling with, our UK wide community are ready and willing to help.

Simply People Webinars and Events

CPD Training Webinars & Events

A regular schedule of webinars and events from the UK’s leading experts in their field. All tried and tested to deliver practical and actionable improvements to you and your team’s personal and professional development.

Simply People Rewards

Discounts & Offers

We’re able to leverage our power in numbers to negotiate amazing deals for our members. Everything from equipment, trade show admissions, business insurance, marketing materials, business software and more – ensuring you get the best deals to build and grow your business.


Pippa Crouch Simply People Member

The world is changing, and how we respond to change will predict our future success. COVID 19 has been the catalyst for a technological revolution and Simply People are ahead of the curve – we want to be a part of this.

Pippa Crouch
Global Occupational Health Solutions

Ross Tomkins Simply People Member

I believe Simply People has the power to positively impact the Physiotherapist profession – improving awareness of the important role we can play in the world of Occupational Health.

Ross Tomkins
Therapy Direct Healthcare

Ross Tomkins Simply People Member

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Simply People and be part of this growing community that supports the world of Occupational Health. Exciting times ahead!

Neil Loach
iOH Association of OH & Wellbeing Professionals


Peer-to-peer coaching groups designed to help business leaders solve their problems with input and advice from group participants. The groups are facilitated by our Leadership Coaches and benefit from our range of subject matter experts, providing support and assistance with the challenges associated with running successful businesses.


How do you make money?

At the moment, we don’t. It’s free to join and will stay that way for the next few months while we continue to build our community. We’re busy adding members and refining the platform to ensure it delivers maximum value, and reaches a scale that we can sustain it for a low monthly or annual membership fee that delivers high value to all.

We’re working towards a fixed monthly fee, with no fixed contract that is easy to cancel anytime. Until that point it’s completely free to join, you don’t need to input any card details and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to prove the value before you have to pay. Sound’s fair doesn’t it!? If you don’t get the value, you won’t have to pay!

I’m an Occupational Health Assessment Provider, is Simply People right for me?

Yep, you’ll fit right in. We have professionals covering a range of different Occupational Health disciplines, everyone from those delivering driver medicals to physiotherapy and everything in between. Once registered you’ll be able to search all of the different business categories.

How do I know that you’ll be able to help me, in my specific niche?

Combined our team and advisors have over 50 years experience of both growing and procuring the services of OH businesses. We have experience, the contacts on both sides of the fence, and the technology in between to support your business needs.

As our community and network continues to grow, this will only improve. We’re confident in our ability to deliver value for the variety of Occupational Health business owners that we serve. That’s why if you’re not getting value from our platform, you won’t have to pay.

I see that you’re based in the Northwest, do I have to be based there to use Simply People?

Nope – our network spans the length and breadth of the UK and is continuing to grow. We’re a tech business at our core, so our services are all able to be delivered digitally and remotely to people wherever they’re based. We’re also planning more localised community events and local meetups across different parts of the country, these will be virtually at present, but also physically in time. Oh, and if you ever are in the area, feel free to pop in for a cuppa!


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