Keeping a workforce safe and healthy is no easy task.

Businesses need the technical knowledge that specialists can give, but finding someone with the right skills and experience is often a long-winded process. It can take weeks of searching and selection, only to find they're not exactly what you need, so you land back at square one.


Simply-People, put simply, is a platform that connects Occupational Health and Safety professionals with the companies that need their help.


Practitioners can showcase their competence, skills and experience, whilst also developing and maintaining their skills, giving you confidence in the quality of their delivery.


When you’re looking for a quality provider to deliver the services you need at a reasonable time and price, you’ll often find yourself facing thousands of pages of search results and an excess of recommendations on social media to sift through.


Instead of being trapped in the loop of searching, reaching out and coming up short, our platform brings clarity and control in the way that clients can engage with quality service providers, without added stress.


Founder of Simply-People, Danny Clarke, is no stranger to Occupational Health and compliance, having had over 12 years of experience working as Director in compliance related consultancy.


And what's the one thing that remains true across the varying Occupational Health companies Danny has directly managed?


The experience is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Whether it’s service providers attempting to demonstrate their expertise, or clients who struggle to identify the quality providers amongst the endless search results, the process is long-winded and rarely yields results.


The easiest way to overcome the tedious search is to connect organisations and providers in one platform, built to benefit clients and service providers equally.


The quick rundown? For clients, our platform saves time when it comes to finding service providers, gives peace of mind by clearly stating quality and competence of providers, and gives clients control over the onboarding process.


For service providers, the headache-inducing process of accessing qualified leads that are relevant to your business is made easy and efficient, as is managing your network and associates in one place. Even better? You can showcase your services through a centralised business directory.


Everyone wants to know that the services they receive are of the highest possible standard. It’s what makes the process so lengthy and frustrating:


“It’s really time consuming to find people you can trust to deliver to your clients.” – Clinical Director (Occupational Health Service Provider)

Ultimately, most Occupational Health professionals typically work in silos, but Simply-People creates an environment instead where professionals can collaborate, receive coaching or mentoring and develop their careers.


Too often, Occupational Health professionals, and professionals at large, can feel uncomfortable asking questions and receiving guidance.


Our aim is to not only streamline the process for clients finding the best service providers, but also to help practitioners learn and develop alongside professionals from other sectors and specialisms.


From construction and automotive industries to SMEs, the range of Occupational Health services needed to suit each organisation, time frame and requirements are vastly different.


Health and safety has never been more important or emphasised across organisations, either.


Simply-People is community-driven, providing content that enables businesses to easily understand how to keep their workforce safe and healthy, whilst also providing a platform that makes it easier than ever to bring professionals and businesses together in one place.


No more scrolling through ten pages of Google.


No more pulling your hair out over Facebook reviews.


And wave goodbye to sending email after email, and filling out website forms to no avail.


We can do the due diligence for you. Showcasing registrations, training certifications, fees and feedback to give you peace of mind, and more importantly, time.

If you’re a service provider, you can begin your registration process with us through a simple form so we can get in touch. If you’re a client looking for a suitable provider, you can fill out our online form with your requirements, so we can get started on finding the best match possible for you.

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