Strategic Support

Growing a Business - Organic and Acquisition

Support and direction in growing your business, from sales and marketing to talent management and direction our network of experts have achieved success in scaling businesses successfully.

For those looking to invest our network means we know those that are looking to sell and would be ready for acquisition whether you want to consolidate your position in the market or move into new streams our team can support your plans

Strategy, Tenders and Proposals

Our team have seen, developed, implemented and reviewed first hand many strategies and tender processes.


Our approach is straight forward, simple to follow, individual and ensures you have the right people to provide the support and direction you need.

·         Our people will work with you, meet key stakeholders, collate and review all necessary related data and understand your current position and where you are trying to be

·         Our people provide straight forward easy to implement steps that align with your vision and resources.

·         Our people can provide support with any related strategies or tender processes including short listing.

Assurance Reviews and Audits

Our team deliver a range of independent assurance based reviews to ensure compliance against your management system. Our people will assess current provision and identify strengths and weaknesses and any opportunities for improvement – including evaluating whether there are other ways of delivering these services and removing those that may not be required.

We also provide independent reviews of reports providing oversight and mentorship against compliance related reports which is essential in demonstrating ongoing competence for those that need assurance reports maintain the required standards.

Exiting the Business

We know that at some point you will be looking to exit or leave the day to day management of your business to someone else.

Our team work with you to get your business in a position whereby you can exit or pass on the reins. We know those companies that are looking to acquire and work with you to achieve the right fit and outcome.

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