Career Development and Management

We want you to be the best developed, skilled, competent authority led specialist you can be. This means we take an active interest in YOU and your career pathway. We are not simply interested in you filling a role, we work with you regardless of your current operating level within our field from entry through to executive leadership  positions and we can help.

Mentoring / Coaching

We provide effective mentoring and coaching services to individuals from industry experts. Whether you require mentoring or coaching on a compliance related topic or are a business owner seeking ways to deliver scale able growth our expertise is such that we can match you with a member of our network to deliver just that.

Training and Development

Fortunately our experience is such that our training partners like us view training as a whole lot more than tick box exercises, which is why we work with you to identify the training necessary to give you the skills and experience you need to undertake your role. Combined with our unique work place learning experience you can be confident that you leave with a good understanding of the theory and practical elements of your learning pathway.

A key part of our training and development programmes are our innovative boot camp style learning experiences where individuals learn or refresh skills. Boot Camps will cover a range of topics and be delivered by industry experts across a range of subjects including occupational health, health surveillance, mental health and wellbeing. If you're looking at developing new skills then our boot camps may be of interest.


Our key focus is the development of individuals through our networking events enabling people to meet like minded individuals from across the sector. Our events will be more than the traditional chalk and talk sales led pitches and be insightful sessions designed to invoke discussion and insight regardless of whether you see yourself as a safety practitioner, a foodie, a clinician, allied health or a HR professional. Our inclusive approach means we share knowledge, ideas and experience to the advantage of all.

Work place learning experience

We believe that providing opportunities to learn within a workplace environment is paramount in enabling you to deliver effectively. A wrap around approach means we are able to provide you with training, experience and support to confidently deliver your new found skills.


We work with you to give you the skills and abilities ready for the next steps of your career. We support you with the softer and more technical skills to excel in your career. We are not a recruitment company and we emphasise that we WILL NOT simply recommend or process you for roles that we don't believe will be a fit for you or the client.

Its important to get the fit right for you and give you the confidence to deliver.

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